Let this be your gym……Every day!

A DOW, or Daily Outdoor Workout, is our unique daily post with a new set you can try pretty much anywhere.  Some of them will be focused for different skill sets but all of them are meant for you to go give your best shot.

How to use DOW:

Our workouts are posted daily on this website but you can also subscribe to our email list where we will send the workouts directly to your inbox each morning!

The schedule:  

Check it out so you know exactly what type of workouts to expect each week and make sure to share with your outdoors loving friends!

Mondays:  Lunch break workout (a workout with minimal equipment that can be done in less than 20 minutes)

Tuesdays:  Unique outdoor workout

Wednesdays:  Unique outdoor workout

Thursdays:  Throwback Thursdays.  A DOW team member will post one of their favorite past workouts

Fridays:  Standard workout day.  Push yourself and post your time on the website.  We will be reposting each workout about every 8 weeks so as you get fitter, stronger and faster you can see your progress and how you compare to others around the wordl!

Saturdays:  Weekend warrior workout.  This one will typically be longer, 60-90 minutes

Sundays:  Contributor day.  Right now we have Spartan coach Tony Middleton crafting obstacle race inspired workouts.

Challenge yourself!

Some workouts challenge you to complete “As Many Rounds As Possible” (AMRAP) and others challenge you to complete the workout as fast as you can.  We want you to post your results or any fun modifications you made to the workout in the comments section below each post.  Look for these symbols in the workouts: time icons

We also just created a new STANDARD WORKOUTS page.  These are a NEW series of workouts that will test your strength, speed and endurance.
There is a spot to post your time and compare yourself against others across the world. We will re-post each workout about every 8 weeks so you can retest and improve!

How to connect with us: 

DOW is now on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Periscope with daily outdoors inspiration and workouts.   See our Get Social page to see our posting schedule, get connected and share with friends!

NOTE:  You really should know your limits before trying any new exercise routine. Go ask your doctor before you start trying our free online workouts.